Better than human? Three unlikely sales closed by the Envolve Tech A.I.

Emma Smith
February 20, 2018

60% of online chat users are considering a purchase, but most online retailers treat online chat purely as a customer service channel. This is an easy mistake to make. Here are three examples of actual online customer conversations using the Envolve Tech A.I. on our partner retail sites, all of which resulted in sales.‍

Envolve Tech shortlisted for 3 Performance Marketing Awards

Emma Smith
February 20, 2018

Envolve Tech has been shortlisted by the judges of the 2020 Performance Marketing Awards in three categories: Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation, Best Customer Conversion Platform and Best Performance Marketing Technology

Why conversational marketing is worth talking about

Emma Smith
February 20, 2018

Every business faces the same question when it comes to customers: how do we keep people engaged?

What They say ?

"We have seen fantastic results fromthe very start, it’s proving very beneficial in driving new sales by instantlyanswering all types of queries from customers giving us benefits of assistedsales. The conversion rate from the channel is over 15%, higher than expected,but what’s more pleasing is we are now seeing daily sales with a great EPC,well over the average".

- joanna turner -

Affiliate Future

Why are you helping to take Envolve to market?
I see the product and business scaling very quickly. It has a great team to help drive the growth forward. With larger clients subscribing I can see the product being a real disruptor in the space”.


Chairman: Envolve Tech