Our customer engagement platform is geared around building chatbots that can give useful, timely responses with relevant content to your customers at the right time.

We were interested to read in Marketing Week, that Vodafone have seen the benefits of this kind of approach.

A few things stood out to us...

Vodafone's Head of Digital, Jon Davies is adamant its digital sales assistant has improved the customer experience online by making it “far more engaging and personal”

This is something we believe at Envolve. Customers want personal engagement.

In fact, according to Accenture Interactive’s 2018 Personalization Pulse report, consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that treats them in a personal manner. The survey showed that 91 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.

Customers want answers and content that's relevant and timely, delivered in a ecosystem they are familiar with.

Personal engagement isn't the only benefit however...

Rather than the 16-18 minutes it normally takes customers to complete a SIM-only transaction on the website, with TOBi it only takes eight.

Our customers have found the same thing, it ultimately saves their business time and  money, they can efficiently answer common customer questions, allowing their customer service team to answer more thorough queries.

The London Dance Company, a multi-location dance and fitness chain. Found that within the first month it had saved them over 3-5 hours a day in dealing with common questions, and in turn thousands of pounds a month.

Translate this to your business, can you afford to not have Envolve's solution?

It isn't just a  benefit to businesses, customers love it too. It gives them the information  they want, as well as other relevant data, quickly, in a natural  conversational environment.

If that isn't enough, it would make your customers happier too...

This is reflected in its net promoter score (NPS), which he says is “getting up around the 80 level”, which is markedly higher than a typical linear web transaction, which is normally in the 60s.

It isn't just a benefit to businesses, customers love it too. It gives them the information they want, as well as other relevant data, quickly, in a natural conversational environment. Allowing them to immediately interact and engage with your business and content.

Yes, we are all about transforming the digital experience, just like Vodafone. Which is why we came up with Smart Response. Our technology uses AI to help your customers get answers to their queries, and serve up content from your business that is relevant and interesting to them, all contributing to a great customer experience.f

That's how we are transforming the digital experience. Bot by bot.

Get in touch to see how we can transform yours.

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- Callum Tasker -

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Using Envolve has helped us talk to your visitors individually, instantly. We have decreased response time and generate higher quality site visitors.

- Aaron Dwyer-

Principal: The London Dance Co.