If you are like most businesses, there are dozens to hundreds of customers who pass through your doors, or talk to your business online that just pass by. They may buy something, or engage with you, but you know nothing about them, who they are, what they buy, and what they like.

Some of them become loyal, you see them (or their online presence) frequently, with maybe a barman remembers their name.

But that's not common, you know your regulars, but they are as many if not more  frequent customers who slip under the radar, looking for more engagement with your business.

Every single one of those is a missed opportunity.

In fact, Marketo did a report on the state of engagement, in 2018. That showed exactly that, and the reasons why.

"In the Engagement Economy, consumers expect more from brands, and it's up to marketers to provide value and connection at every engagement point,"
"The State of Engagement proves that marketers must align their organizations around this common goal and focus on the right tools, data, and insights to ensure success."
Karen Steele, group vice president, Corporate Marketing, Marketo.

Some key findings of the State of Engagement report:

  • Over half of consumers (56%) think brands could do a better job aligning with how they prefer to engage.
  • The top two channels through which consumers prefer to initiate engagement with brands are email and websites. But marketers' are making investments in a number of channels at faster rates than consumers are using them, namely across blogs, mobile devices, and online communities.
  • The Right Technology Is Critical for Engagement, with marketers dissatisfied with the tools available to them to accomplish these tasks, with nearly half (48%) citing this as their number one barrier to effective engagement.

Over half of  consumers (56%) think brands could do a better job aligning with how they  prefer to engage.


Well say you are a hotel, one of your customers books and visits you regularly (once a month), and the barman has begun to recognise him. They are a loyal customer, and you appreciate their business.

To your trained eye, everything is well. However, the data tells a different story.

The data asks: did you know that while they visit regularly, they never eat in the restaurant? Or that they stay once a month, but not every 3rd month as they are elsewhere?

The data also says that if you enticed them with a restaurant offer, they would probably eat there, and do so with every visit.

Suddenly that data looks really useful.

That data unmasks your customer, revealing their habits, and opportunities for you to engage them even more in your business.

This is where Envolve Technology comes in.

Our Marketing platform allows brands to understand who customers are, and learn what their Interests, buying habits, and personality are.

We give them a compelling reason to engage with your business through your website or social media messengers, whether it be simple tasks like answering common questions, do simple tasks like book a hotel room, or be a loyalty scheme allowing your customers to collect points, and redeem offers.

Every interaction gathers data about your customer, what they like, what they ask about and what they do.

Your business can then use this data to send targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with the individual, getting them to: Visit more frequently ,  spend more money  and become a generally more engaged customer.

It's a no-brainer.

So get in touch today and start finding out who they really are.

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