Put simply, it is about absolutely top-notch customer service. When a customer asks a question or wants some advice, don’t reply with the bare minimum, go above and beyond and think about what else you can offer them that may be of help. Sometimes there may be a price tag attached to the additional support and services they want. That is upselling. Everyone is a winner. The customer is happy to have received comprehensive assistance and the company has increased its sales.

Unfortunately in an age where technology is increasingly replacing humans as businesses’ key customer interface, such opportunities are often missed as they require communication skills and decision making that are difficult to replicate in machines.

Until recently the technological overhaul of many customer facing industries whichhas seen many manual tasks automated has meant the loss of the morepersonalised human element and worsening customer service.

Why would you make a  customer wait?

But happily this is changing. Technology has advanced to a point with AI and machine learning where automated digital systems can be agile in their responses to customer queries and learn from customer behaviour to both guide and advise effectively but also capitalise on sales and marketing opportunities.

Envolve’s conversational marketing platform is a great example of where technology can be used to interact with your customers – and potential customers – in a proactively helpful way, providing additional relevant information and making suggestions, rather than simply providing a straight factual answer to a direct question. It is essentially just another member of your sales and marketing team, rather than an elaborate FAQ system.

It is vital that companies do embrace technology as an integral part of their sales and marketing team because, like it or not, more and more purchase decisions are now made entirely online. A trend that is going to continue. Shopping online can be a difficult process. Faced with almost limitless options and no-one to talk to for advice on which product is best suited to their needs, many people are so overwhelmed by choice they give up.

It is the equivalent of going into the world’s biggest department store and finding there is not a single shop assistant there to help point you in the right direction or answer any of your questions.

Step up Envolve. Our platform can act as the shop assistant, advising and helping customers but, in doing so, can also help your company make those additional sales or get your all-important marketing messages out there to lure people back in the future.

Don’t just provide the easy answer, make the most of all your conversations with customers, on and offline.

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In our first three months we increased  our sales conversion by 15%, increased our customer engagement by 300% and increased our lead volume by 400%. Fantastic


Operations Director: CBP

We are really staggered with the amount of queries we have had come in, and even more impressed that they are all being dealt with immediately and correctly!

- Callum Tasker -

Business Development Director: Anglia Ruskin Universirty

Using Envolve has helped us talk to your visitors individually, instantly. We have decreased response time and generate higher quality site visitors.

- Aaron Dwyer-

Principal: The London Dance Co.