Adding an A.I.-powered Digital Sales Assistant to your online chat function will increase sales, but did you know it will also save you money?

Responding to customer service enquiries is something every retailer must do, but the process is expensive - whether in terms of money, time, or both.

Large online retailers often spend between £2.50-£4.00 per chat session on labour costs alone. 

Smaller and medium-sized retailers may not employ dedicated customer service agents, but someone still has to respond to chat requests. Every enquiry, whether important or trivial, takes up time from other valuable work. 

Can anything be done to make servicing online chat less expensive?

YES! Absolutely!

Easing the load for your customer service team

Anyone who has worked in retail, whether online or in a bricks and mortar retail establishment, knows that customers ask a lot of questions, and that most questions come up again and again. 

“What’s your return policy?”

“Do you deliver?”

“Are you open?”

Online retailers have developed FAQ pages to answer the most repetitive questions they receive, but a frustrating number of customers will ignore FAQs no matter how prominently they are placed on a site. If there is an online chat option, a large proportion of customers will use this as a first port of call to get information.

This means that, depending on your business, between 20%-70% of online chat enquiries require customer service agents to repeat the same answers again and again. And every repeated answer to every repeated question is eating up resources

An A.I.-powered Digital Sales Assistant will save you time and money in two important ways:

  1. When the Envolve Tech onboarding team integrates the Digital Sales Assistant to your online chat function, the first thing it does is ingest your company’s website and product feed. This allows it to start answering the most commonly asked questions from day one, freeing up your employees to get on with other jobs. 
  2. The Digital Sales Assistant never stops learning. Questions it cannot answer are reported back to the Envovle Tech support team, who train the A.I. over time to answer more and more questions. This makes the A.I. more and more valuable to your business over time.

Don’t forget the increased sales!

By answering repetitive questions, the Digital Sales Assistant can cut the number of customer enquiries a customer service team has to reply to by 20%, 40%, or more. The benefit depends entirely on the types of questions you are receiving - the more repetitive they are, the more the Digital Sales Assistant will help.

But answering repetitive questions is not actually the Digital Sales Assistant’s main job. As the name indicates, it is designed first and foremost to sell!

Using the same techniques mentioned above (ingesting your website’s content and learning from your customers’ behaviour), the Digital Sales Assistant will also recommend product options for anyone considering a purchase.

And a LOT of your customers are still considering a purchase when they open the online chat window on your site - probably about 60%. 

The Digital Sales Assistant will keep them in the sales funnel, encourage them to keep browsing, and close the sale (see this case study to see some real life examples).

No setup fee, no subscription, no commitment

If you are interested in learning more about the Envolve Tech Digital Sales Assistant, contact our business development team to set up a demonstration.

If you decide to give it a try, there are no setup or onboarding fees, there is no monthly subscription, and there is no commitment to keep the Digital Sales Assistant on your site if you are not 100% satisfied.

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