You see these often at industry events or trade shows, think your CES's or SXSW in Texas. Amazing feats of technology presented in an elegant fashion. Your driverless cars etc.

One of these occurred  recently with the Google Duplex. You've probably seen it already, but if you haven't it shows the extraordinary lengths that AI has developed to, particularly in voice technology. Watch below..

Scared yet?

This kind of technology doesn't exist in the marketplace yet, and may never exist, but elements of it will eventually be found to be useful, and productised.

Stage 2: Market fit (The Amazon Alexa)

That brings us to the next part of the cycle. Where the experimental tech finds its place in the market.

While Google's Duplex AI is impressive, it doesn't quite meet a need yet, and for any major tech product to be viable it needs to match a need.

The reason this is important is because chatbots were in that space once. The same one occupied by Google's Duplex.

Futurism did a fun breakdown of the history of AI in an infographic., and it's a very informative read.

The history of chatbots
The history of Chatbots according to Futurism

It's incredible to think how something that was originally thought of as science fiction in the 50's and 60's is started to become an integral part of our daily lives.

Think of how many times you or someone you know talks to an Alexa, a Siri or something similar daily, letting them do tasks, schedule things, or find information for them.

From still being considered an experiment, Chatbots (in some form) have become part of our culture in less than 5 years.

And it's not just your device or household assistants that are utilising AI. Soon every businesses on the planet will be using it some way.

Don't take my word for it. Tech republic reported in January that 61% of businesses have some kind of AI already, whether that be in predictive analytics, machine learning, or natural language processing.

So whether they are using it to predict stock or customer behaviour, learning about you and your preferences through your journey on their online store, or from interacting with their social accounts or chat, your favourite (and not so favourite) businesses are using this technology to make their offerings more personalised than ever.

Pieces are popping up every day saying how this new AI revolution will totally revamp the way that businesses can personalise content, marketing, products and communications to people. It's certainly something we see value in.

This kind of  technology doesn't exist in the marketplace yet, and may never exist, but  elements of it will eventually be found to be useful, and productised.

Humand and AI - What's the future

The human dimension

So what does this mean for us humans?

Well there is certainly a lot of talk about this AI revolution replacing humans, in manufacturing, customer service and more. Causing an eventual 'takeover' where you will interact with a robot more times than a human in any given day.

While these are legitimate concerns (especially after seeing that google footage.) We prefer the optimistic view that Derick David takes in this piece. "Why AI won’t replace Humans"

The stark differences between man and machine mean that gains from working with computers are much higher than gains from trade with other people. We don’t trade with computers any more than we trade with livestock or lamps. And that’s the point: computers are tools, not rivals.
As computers become more and more powerful, they won’t be substitutes for humans: they’ll be complements.

This is the approach we take in what we do.

Our platform provides engagement with your customers, but not in a way that detracts from your human customer service team.

We know that your team are the experts when it comes to customer service. We are not looking to remove that expertise, but enhance it.

Our platform is the first line of defence in your customer service solution, we help solve common but time consuming queries, as well as filtering customers to specific members of your team should the need arise.

Your team will no longer need to spend hours of their day answering questions about opening times or facilities. They can now concentrate on the complex issues where their knowledge and training are put to best use, giving great customer service.

Everybody wins when AI and humans work together. Every one get's the best service for their specific customer issue, whether it needs to be quick and direct, or more thorough and involved.

The handy thing is, our solution helps you save time and money as well.

Stage 3: Assimilation

Like we said, every technology has a cycle. We are now at the stage where AI and chatbots are starting to become vital your your industry, whether it be retail, travel, hospitality, leisure etc.

Having an AI solution in your customer service offering is the next stage in a fully equipped and modern customer service strategy.

So why not talk to us about how we can help you execute that strategy?

Let's chat bot.

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