The best online retailers work extremely hard to develop their brands, but all that hard work can easily come to nothing if customer service falls short.

Customer service lapses can have many different causes. Agents may not fully understand a brand’s values, or they might simply make a mistake through poor judgment. Expecting agents to consistently recommend relevant products to customers is also a tough ask, especially if there are hundreds of similar products to remember details for. 

Things get even trickier for agents who are responding to customer questions between other tasks - as is often the case for smaller and medium-sized retailers. Resolving a customer enquiry politely but quickly, without going the extra mile, can be a huge temptation.

These factors and others often result in an inconsistent customer experience, which can be infuriating considering how much work goes into getting customers to visit a website in the first place. When inadequate customer service results in missed sales opportunities, like the example below, it impacts the bottom line.

Digital Sales Assistants guarantee consistency

One of the biggest benefits to adding a Digital Sales Assistant to your site is the brand consistency it instantly delivers.

Because Digital Sales Assistants are programmable, getting them to follow brand guidelines is straightforward. Once the programming is in place, the DSA will provide a consistent experience to every single customer.

Do you want customers to be greeted with a cheerful, chatty message? No problem. 

Looking for a more buttoned-down, professional approach? It will be done, every time.

And, as an extra bonus, Digital Sales Assistants will never miss an opportunity to recommend products from your website to customers asking questions. 

If a visitor asks if you sell baby clothes, it will say yes and instantly present them with a carousel of options, ready to click on.

Never tired. Never sick. Never on holiday.

Another obvious advantage to using a Digital Sales Assistant is their availability 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Some customer enquiries will always need a human agent to handle them, especially if they are concerning a specific order or customer care issue. But many questions that visitors ask online chat functions are repeated over and over again. 

Digital Sales Assistants can learn appropriate replies by ingesting your on-site FAQ, and by training up to respond to new questions over time (see this blog post on repetitive questions for more information).  

Most customer enquiries (the exact amount depends on your site but could be as high as 80%), could be handled by a Digital Sales Assistant programmed to provide a customer experience which is completely consistent with your brand, and never missing an opportunity to recommend new products.

Why does the Digital Sales Assistant recommend products?

The Digital Sales Assistant is an A.I.-powered innovation developed by Envolve Tech to help online retailers sell more to onsite visitors. The reason it is so popular with online retailers is simple: 60% of online chat users are considering a possible purchase. 

Customers regularly ask questions which may sound like service issues but which are actually part of their purchasing process. The DSA will answer these questions, but keep your site visitors in the sales funnel for as long as possible. Integrating a Digital Sales Assistant into your online chat function means never missing an opportunity for a sale.

Envolve Tech belongs to seven major performance marketing networks. Our Digital Sales Assistant has no installation costs, no subscription fees, and no obligation. We are also ready to integrate our system into most online chat technology already, so adding it to your site is likely to be a quick and painless process.

Get in touch with our business development team today and request a free, no obligation demonstration.

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