All our clients love how our Convert platform uses A.I to instantly analyse their customers conversation and decipher whether its a customer service type query or a sales opportunity. But the one feature they requested again and again was the ability to handover from the bot into their existing live-chat platform so one of their team could jump into the conversation when they needed to.

So this month we made some great strides in delivering this feature and we can now fully handover to a live agent within our chat widget environment. This means a customer can stay on your website and speak to someone without having to leave or navigate somewhere else.

This gives you the ability to:

  1. Use Convert to immediately respond to your customers with personalised responses,
  2. Identify if the conversation is a sales opportunity and use the power of the Convert platform to maximise your sales revenue through this channel;
  3. and handover instantly to a live chat agent within your team if a customer wants to speak to someone or an agent without having to leave your site, or navigate to a new tab.

Live-chat plug in within the Envolve Convert bot window

“The combination of bot technology and use of live-chat is great” says Matt Smith, MD of construction firm CBL. “We are inundated with online requests for brochures and appointments and we use the bot to automatically respond with the correct brochure or information so we can book in the lead; but sometimes the customer query is more complicated than that. We then use the Convert simple live-chat integration to hand the customer over to the team in the office to chat through their query there and then on site. The customer doesn’t even have to do anything, our agent just jumps straight into the bot window to chat to the customer. It’s the best of both worlds”.

And for Zendesk Enterprise customers, our integration is even deeper. With whole history of the conversation being fully integrated into the Zendesk CRM platform. Contact for more info.

And the best bit. All this technology is still available on a performance basis .. no subscriptions, set up fees or long contracts .. you only pay when you make a sell, through your existing affiliate network.

Want to know more? Schedule a chat with one of our sales team to learn how Envolve Convert could work for your business.

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"We have seen fantastic results fromthe very start, it’s proving very beneficial in driving new sales by instantlyanswering all types of queries from customers giving us benefits of assistedsales. The conversion rate from the channel is over 15%, higher than expected,but what’s more pleasing is we are now seeing daily sales with a great EPC,well over the average".

- joanna turner -

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Why are you helping to take Envolve to market?
I see the product and business scaling very quickly. It has a great team to help drive the growth forward. With larger clients subscribing I can see the product being a real disruptor in the space”.


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