The problem - responding to hundreds of customer enquiries every day to a demanding audience. If a new release comes out, Cloves audience want it first.

With a vast product catalogue, Cloves visitors wanted specific models as soon as they were on sale and with 100’s of potential questions such as memory, brand, type and platform. Every conversation needed to count, and Clove wanted a way to stand out in a very busy marketplace.

Clove began using Envolve Tech to answer these questions instantly 24/7, such as ‘How much is the iPhone X?, using rich content, price information and a description as well as the all important links to buy and add to basket.

The work: How we helped solve the problem

In the first 3 months of using Convert to instantly respond with personalised responses, we generated some phenomenal results, averaging 36% CTR with conversion rates at 18%, generating thousands in revenue per month. What is most impressive is the average order value being over £900, month after month. 

We increased AOV by a huge 32% as well as producing a conversion rate of 18%, much higher than the site average.

As well as seeing some great results, most pleasing for Clove was the sales being generated by new users rather than returning, showing great promise for incremental sales.

The results:

  • Conversion rate of 18% - increase of 8% compared to the site average
  • CTR (Click through rate) of 36%
  • Ecpc (Earnings per click) of £3.47
  • AOV (Average order value) of £900, increased by 32%

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What They say ?

"We have seen fantastic results fromthe very start, it’s proving very beneficial in driving new sales by instantlyanswering all types of queries from customers giving us benefits of assistedsales. The conversion rate from the channel is over 15%, higher than expected,but what’s more pleasing is we are now seeing daily sales with a great EPC,well over the average".

- joanna turner -

Affiliate Future

Why are you helping to take Envolve to market?
I see the product and business scaling very quickly. It has a great team to help drive the growth forward. With larger clients subscribing I can see the product being a real disruptor in the space”.


Chairman: Envolve Tech