Providing your website visitors with access to a live person to chat to is great customer service, but using live chat on its own is probably costing you much more than you realise.

60% of customers who launch live chat conversations are still in the process of considering a purchase, but customer sales reps are rarely trained or incentivised to close sales.

It’s an undeniable fact: customer engagement without a focus sales results in lower revenue, and wasted resources.

Adding our A.I.layer to your current live chat solves both problems. It reduces the cost of customer service enquiries and, most importantly, boosts sales.

This is done by analyzing customer questions and recommending products for them to browse through - keeping customers in the sales funnel for longer.

Costs are reduced by answering straightforward customer service enquiries automatically from the on-site FAQ and its ever expanding knowledgebase. Only when customers ask intricate questions which require a human understanding are they handed over to expensive human customer service agents.

Is integrating our  A.I. layer difficult? No. In almost all cases it is a surprisingly straightforward process.

Here is our quick guide to what you can expect:

How to add the Envolve Tech A.I. to existing live chat facilities

There are dozens of live chat providers on the market, from major providers like Zendesk, to dozens of smaller platforms. Whatever live chat solution a retailer prefers, the Envolve Tech A.I. can almost always accommodate it.

The integration process always follows one of four different routes:

1) Direct integration - our A.I. integrates directly into several major live chat providers like Zendesk (both the standard and enterprise versions) and LiveChat (the brand name). The setup process is straightforward and lightning fast.
2) iframe integration (known provider) - for most smaller live chat platforms, the Envolve Tech A.I. is easily integrated using an iframe. The process varies slightly from platform to platform, but the Envolve Tech onboarding team has successfully found solutions dozens of times. If you are using a smaller live chat provider, we probably know how the integration will work, and exactly what we need to do to set it up.
3) iframe integration (new platform) - in the unlikely event that our onboarding team is not familiar with your site’s live chat solution, don’t worry! We may not have experience with that particular platform, but we have tons of experience at setting up from scratch. This process may take slighting longer, but Evolve Tech will handle everything at no cost to you!
4) Integration not allowed - a handful of live chat providers, such as Freshchat, do not allow third party access to their platforms. On the few occasions when this problem has arisen, retailers have always been more interested in the extra sales our A.I. can bring them than sticking with their live chat provider. Our team knows the live chat marketplace extremely well, and is always happy to recommend alternatives!

The vast majority of retailers with an existing live chat provider can expect the integration process to be easy and straightforward. If any extra work is required to get our A.I. working on your site, leave it to us to find the solution. Retailers are never charged setup fees or subscription fees by Envolve Tech.

Adding the Envolve Tech A.I. to sites without live chat

Not every online retailer has an existing live chat option for their customers. Sometimes they have simply been too busy, or perhaps they lack the resources to field customer enquiries.

If that’s you, we have great news! Our A.I. will provide most of the benefits of a live customer service representative, all the while adding extra sales to your bottom line.

If our A.I. encounters a customer question it cannot answer from its knowledge base, it generates an email for your team, and notifies your customer to wait on your response. Once our A.I. is fully “trained,” expect to see over 890% of all chat enquiries handled automatically (and 17% converted into sales).

What next?

Whether your site has live chat or not, adding the Envolve Tech A.I. will boost sales and reduce costs. Since there are no setup fees, no subscription fees, and no obligation to keep the A.I. if you are unhappy, there is no reason not to try it.

Get in touch with our Head of Business Development Daniel Harding to set up a demonstration.

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