But for some products and services designed to benefit businesses, it is tricky to quantify their impact.

Until recently chatbots or similar conversational technology used by many businesses to assist customers online have fallen foul of this issue.

While it makes sense that having a digital customer service tool to help people find the information and products they need online will benefit your business, there is not always an easy way to measure the impact.

So, when developing Envolve’s conversational marketing platform, we decided to tackle this issue head on.

We designed a conversational tool which uses AI to learn from and engage with customers online in order to increase sales conversions, up-sell additional services and share key marketing messages.

With clear KPIs, the platform’s impact on business sales and overall revenue becomes easily measurable.

Technology has now evolved to a point where such conversational tool should be viewed as another member of a business’s sales and marketing team, with clear targets and results to review regularly.

40 per cent of web  visitors want a one to one conversation

Our research has shown that Envolve can increase sales conversions from potential customers visiting a business’s website by at least eight per cent.

So gone are the days of companies investing in such tools in good faith they are having a positive impact. We can now prove the results by tracking all the conversations and their outcomes

The Envolve platform can be tailored to suit different company priorities. We encourage our client businesses to set their own KPIs which we can then use asa metric of success.

With the vast majority of customers making purchasing decisions online, 40 per cent of web visitors want a one to one conversation, similar to what they would expect in a bricks and mortar store. Advanced technology can go far beyond giving bland one size fits all answers and tailor responses to suit the individual customer and their needs.

This makes conversational tools vital to giving the customer what they want and achieving better – and quantifiable - results for the business.

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What They say ?

In our first three months we increased  our sales conversion by 15%, increased our customer engagement by 300% and increased our lead volume by 400%. Fantastic


Operations Director: CBP

We are really staggered with the amount of queries we have had come in, and even more impressed that they are all being dealt with immediately and correctly!

- Callum Tasker -

Business Development Director: Anglia Ruskin Universirty

Using Envolve has helped us talk to your visitors individually, instantly. We have decreased response time and generate higher quality site visitors.

- Aaron Dwyer-

Principal: The London Dance Co.