The basic concept is, you have met a person who knows nothing about you or your company / product in an lift. You then have to explain to this person as much as you can about those things in the time it takes them to leave the lift. In a way that they can understand.

It's all about focussing your offering down into a few concrete clear sentences, that convey everything necessary about your company and it's proposition.

For many businesses it's a challenge, though it seems simple. How do you approach something like this?

First step is easy right? It's about the product. List all the features of the product.

Except that doesn't always work.

This clip of Steve Jobs, from a 1997 developers conference, talks about this in more detail. ' You've got to start with the customer experience, and work backwards to the technology ' (watch from 1:44 onwards)

Not for the first time, he was right.

It's very easy to get stuck in 'feature mode' when talking about your business or product. We have 5 colours, we are a this, we are a that. And the annoying thing is, all of that is valid. Just not right now, not in this pitch.

The more crucial point is, 'why does any of this matter, to me, right now.'

A question that features alone cannot answer.

Simon Sinek the famous marketing consultant made waves in 2009 with his 'start with why' speech (linked below). And it's easy to see why (pardon the pun). It's a radical departure from traditional business thinking.

'We're Envolve, We  save you time and money, by answering your customers most frequent questions  through social media messaging.'

Simon explains 'why' in the context of your business, and it's goals and mission. But in reality, you don't need all that to start with.

Your why can be something as simple as 'why your life is better with us than without us' 'why we matter to you'

You start with the benefits to your customer.

You start with the benefits to your customer.

For example, here at Envolve we save you time and money, hours per day, and £1000's per week.


Then you explain how.

This is where you can talk about the product, the specifics of what features allow you to achieve your why.

'We're Envolve, We save you time and money, by answering your customers most frequent questions through social media messaging.'

Boom. Our elevator pitch.

In a sentence, we have told you about why we matter, and what we do. Now you know if you want to listen.

We hope you do.

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