AI tech is everywhere, even if you don't realise it yet. The potential of the technology has reached a peak over the last 18 months, with devices springing up in our homes and schools that all use AI technology to do all sorts of clever tricks.

Whether it's to get some information or complete a simple task, AI has begun to take over in the customer service and marketing space. Here are some of our favourite examples where we think AI has improved the customer experience.

1. Picking an outfit

The first thing you have to do everyday eh?

Well H&M came to the rescue, with their chatbot on Kik, which provides tailored fashion advice for its customers.

After setting your preferences and sending in a few photos of your outfits for reference, the bot cleverly suggests items of clothing, and if you are missing a piece or two can pull clothing from it's catalogue to complete outfits, allowing you to order them in the process.

Simple intuitive commerce.

H&M Chatbot

There is also a bot from Sephora on the same platform that tells you exactly what suits you and what doesn’t, based on your measurements, skin tone and type.

2. Booking a flight

For those of you with the travel bug, or just frequent flyers.

KLM has taken the AI initiative with its own bot called BlueBot or BB for short, created to help passengers find, book and take flights with the airline.

Using Facebook messenger, BB is able to answer many common questions, provide facilities to book, as well as booking confirmation, check-in information and reminders.  

It also contains you boarding passes, as well as flight information, which appear as scannable QR codes for use in the airport.

In addition, BB also integrates with Google Home, so you can ask your Google home to do a lot of these similar tasks, as well as fun things like 'what should I pack?'

KLM's bot is a great example of how useful bots can be to your customer, with many simple tasks taken care of all in one interface, providing timely and relevant feedback, integration with another device (Google home in this case) is also a bonus, giving you a great cross-platform solution for your flights.

KLM Chatbot user journey

AI tech is  everywhere, even if you don't realise it yet. Devices are springing up in our  homes and schools that all use AI technology to do all sorts of clever  tricks.

3. Ordering food

In a recent demo at Google's I/O 2018 developers conference, a sophisticated voice AI was used to book a table at a restaurant.

So rather than filling in an online ordering form, or calling / emailing / chatting to get a reservation, you could create a booking just by handing it off to a ‘bot’, thus saving you time and effort.

Over in the US, Taco Bell has also got in on the action, creating ‘Tacobot’, a chatbot which lets you order from Taco Bell via the Slack messaging platform, and many other restaurants are catching on to the ease and popularity of these channels.

Domino's Chatbot in action
Domino's Chatbot

Many people are familiar with the Dominos facebook messenger bot, which has proven popular with its main clientele of students and hungry half-time snackers with it's easy order option. (You can even just type 🍕into it to order your favourite!) as well as the ability to track your order (just to make sure it arrives for half-time)

You have to log in to dominoes to set it up, keeping your details, preference data, and order history all within the dominoes eco-system for them to market and communicate to you in a more personalised way, clever eh?

4. Reading the news (to you!)

The news has never been more accessible, or as plentiful as it is now, in the online age.

People consume news content in a myriad of ways, from apps, to mobile and desktop sites, to podcasts, videos, and many more curated channels.

Chatbots are no exception. A number of news organisations now offer chatbots, however they are mainly US based e.g Washington Post and CNN etc, allowing you to see top stories, stories curated for your interests or even ask the chatbot questions.

However, the UK is catching up, with Alexa and even Siri now allowing you to get the headlines with a simple 'Alexa, read me the news' prompting a response of the latest headlines. Or 'Siri, whats the latest news' prompting a BBC's news podcast to start automatically.

The power of curation and personalisation in chatbots is massive, and you can easily see where news outlets could use that information to tailor their content.

Like we said, AI tech is everywhere, and it is making our experiences, quicker, easier, more intuitive and more useful than ever.

We are Envolve Technology, We provide instant responses to customer queries through social media messaging, creating a conversation between your brand and your customers.

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