Queue conversational marketing, the best solution so far. This sub-section of marketing is becoming more popular by the day as businesses across the board are recognising the positive response in terms of customer engagement, feedback and, most importantly, sales.

Conversational marketing is a clever tactic that adopts a one-to-one approach with customers. This quasi-personal angle orchestrates a unique experience, making it feel more like a natural human interaction rather than being bombarded with unrefined advertorial emails.

Conversations into  conversions - How we use context over content to drive sales and engagement.

At Envolve Technology we see the value in implementing intelligent chatbots into the way we communicate. The use of such technology is on a sharp incline thanks to the continual development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. However, Envolve goes so much further than an off-the-shelf chatbot provider; we give you a platform to communicate with your audience on an individual level rather than a one-size-fits-all, drag-and-drop solution.

Our always-on conversational marketing platform provides instant, smart responses to customers through delivering rich and relevant content on websites and social media channels. And as our technology learns as it works, the system evolves with your customers’ needs.

Rapid replies

Marketing has evolved with the rise of social media and messaging applications. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp dominate how we talk to one another so, naturally, these are the spaces your business needs to infiltrate.

Instant gratification has transformed customers’ expectations. When a customer has a question, they want it to be answered at a time that suits them, not when it suits your business. And what could be more instantaneous than an always-on chatbot? This means when using Envolve’s software, customers can engage in real-time messaging.And it’s not all about the sales. Through conversational marketing, we can learn more about what our customers want and we are therefore able to create a dynamic, reliable service that is specifically tailored to consumer needs

Talk the talk

Evidence shows conversational marketing is working: personalised customer interactions is increasing sales (by 35% in Amazon’s case).

Conversational marketing has proved to be a huge success with our clients at Envolve too. Aaron Dwyer, CEO of London Dance Company, said: “We are saving £1,000 per week in answering customer queries and our marketing manager is now focusing on growing our inbound traffic rather than responding to the same question over and over again.”

MD of Neptune Aquatic Solutions, David Westbrook, has experienced similar results from working with Envolve: “We offer so many different products, from children’s swimming lessons and hydrotherapy sessions to first aid courses. Getting each visitor to the right content without them having to search for it and being able to respond to their queries automatically, even at 3am, has seen our sales triple.”

This AI innovation is keeping marketing fresh and on target. Conversational marketing is enabling businesses to engage customers through a novel platform and to use dialogue to add value to customer experience.

Technology is changing and adapting at an exponential rate and marketing can benefit from exploiting the most recent developments in the industry, one conversation at a time.

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What They say ?

In our first three months we increased  our sales conversion by 15%, increased our customer engagement by 300% and increased our lead volume by 400%. Fantastic


Operations Director: CBP

We are really staggered with the amount of queries we have had come in, and even more impressed that they are all being dealt with immediately and correctly!

- Callum Tasker -

Business Development Director: Anglia Ruskin Universirty

Using Envolve has helped us talk to your visitors individually, instantly. We have decreased response time and generate higher quality site visitors.

- Aaron Dwyer-

Principal: The London Dance Co.