We’ve all been there, trapped in a never ending circle of automated voice options or stuck interacting with a chatbot which has only a limited repertoire none of which come close to answering our queries.

FAQs often risk falling into this same bracket, creating a barrier to assistance rather than a solution. Even now, it is not uncommon for companies to direct all customer queries to their FAQ pages thus missing out on potentially valuable conversations.

At worst, the customer dutifully reads through an endless list of FAQs only to conclude, feeling irritated, none of them provide the information they were looking for.At that point, they either get back on the phone to try and reach someone who can help or give up and go elsewhere.

At bestFAQs do answer the customer’s question but nothing more. There is no interaction, no engagement, no opportunity to get to know the customer, to enhance their experience, to offer them additional services or products they may need. Essentially, no opportunity to up-sell.

At worst, the  customer dutifully reads through an endless list of FAQs only to conclude,  feeling irritated, none of them provide the information they were looking  for.

Yet all this should be a thing of the past. There is now technology available which can offer so much more than a simple question and answer service. Thanks to advances in AI, machine learning and natural language processing, digital platforms can now interact with your customers in the same way as a skilled sales rep.

Every conversation with a customer or potential customer should be viewed as a sales and marketing opportunity, whether on or offline. Since so much of our customer interaction now takes place in the digital sphere, it is vital businesses put the tools in place to ensure top-notch customer service and sales assistance online.

This is why Envolve’s conversational platform can have such a powerful impact on online sales. It interacts with and learns from the customer to offer them useful advice and suggestions that not only helps them out leaving them feeling happy and more likely to return, but also creates up-selling opportunities. Unlike an FAQ page, which is nothing more than a limited information depository, a well-designed digital assistant like Envolve can be viewed as an additional member of your sales and marketing team – and it can produce the results to match.

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In our first three months we increased  our sales conversion by 15%, increased our customer engagement by 300% and increased our lead volume by 400%. Fantastic


Operations Director: CBP

We are really staggered with the amount of queries we have had come in, and even more impressed that they are all being dealt with immediately and correctly!

- Callum Tasker -

Business Development Director: Anglia Ruskin Universirty

Using Envolve has helped us talk to your visitors individually, instantly. We have decreased response time and generate higher quality site visitors.

- Aaron Dwyer-

Principal: The London Dance Co.