Convert is a performance marketing platform using AI technology to increase revenue through customer conversations.

Monetise your customer conversations through conversational recommendations

Our platform gives you the ability to aid site conversion, increase AOV, and support marketing teams by using AI to monetise the chat channel, delivering instant results.

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4 simple steps to convert your chat

Conversion Rate
Click Through Rate

Chat widget automatically answers your customers questions and queries​

A.I driven sales

Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to identify the sales opportunities


Aligns your product inventory, sales and marketing content to the conversation​


Tracks the sale all the way through to completion


Your own Q & A, bespoke for your business

Product Search

Recommendations based on conversation

High level accuracy

Human Handover (email or Zendesk*)



Contextually relevant recommendations

Mean higher engagement and conversion

Whether you are an advertiser or publisher, increase your digital performance by instantly responding to customer questions in real time with rich, relevant and personalised content.

WHAT Are conversational recommendations?

LiveChat, chatbot, social, search ... these are all ways we chat to our customers. EnvolveConvert uses the information these conversations provide to optimise the sales and marketing collateral that our customers see. Making recommendations in the chat or optimising the content on the webpage; the choice is yours.

How much time does it take me to set up?

Our onboarding process is easy, with little integration required, we can be up and running in days. All we need are your FAQs and your product feed.

We agree timings & goals, then build, launch and monitor the results.

How do I get it on my site?

Through tag manager, your network or yourself, all you need to do is install our tag on your website, we provide you with a few lines of Javascript and you're set.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. To use our service there are no fees, we just take a commission of every sale like every other affiliate publisher.

"We have seen fantastic results from the very start, it’s proving very beneficial in driving new sales by instantly answering all types of queries from customers giving us benefits of assisted sales. The conversion rate from the channel is over 15%, higher than expected, but what’s more pleasing is we are now seeing daily sales with a great EPC, well over the average".
Joanna Turner
Commercial Director, Affiliate Future

Why do conversations matter?

It's essential to build trust.

Every conversation is an opportunity to enhance an already engaged customers experience, maximising the opportunities that pass through your site.

Talk to your customers before it's too late, give them the information they need instantly and support up-sell by showing relevant content with every answer.

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From retail to beauty, lead-gen to fashion, EnvolveConvert helps e-commerce retailers improve their engagement and increase their sales

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